We accomplish a lot together and enjoy working with like-minded individuals and groups.


Is this all just drummers?  Yes, we are a network of drummers and percussionists, but we also have many valued non-drummer friends and partners who support our vision.

How are you funded?  We're all volunteers, however, we do manage a small fund which acts as a reserve to provide essential help when expenses, travel costs or other needs arise. If you would like help with this, we'd be very grateful.

More on how you can support us → 

Are you part of a denomination?  Our network includes friends from a variety of Christian denominational backgrounds, which makes us an ecumenical network. 

Who are you affiliated with?  We have been associated with numerous groups and ministries over the years, here are some we have links with:

  • AMM Ministries
  • Big Church Day Out
  • Capucins, Slovakia
  • Campfest.sk
  • Global Day of Prayer
  • Inspire-works
  • MIW Rhythm Makers
  • St. Paul's Cathedral
  • St. Paul's, Hammersmith
  • Youth For Christ